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Looking for people to play with during the week. Want players who are competitive-minded and take the game seriously but also know how to have fun. Send me a message first if you want to play. I play ...

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Hi , I'm Sword from Toronto, Canada. I'm just a guy who's a streamer for fun. I love Overwatch and am hoping to make it the main game that I stream. I'm looking for friends to play with regularly throughout the week who are chill and competitive-minded. (Being funny is always a plus.) I'll be looking to mostly focus on Competitive Play, and prep on the off-season. I'm not an 'S-Class' player or anything, but I do take the game seriously and am looking to improve at it and at the same time have fun. I also love talking about the meta, strategies, team comps, and all that jazz! If you don't think you'd mind occasionally listening to me talk to the stream, let our 100 years of friendship begin! *Plz send me a msg first if you want to play, and don't just random add.


Been playing Overwatch non-stop since PS4 Beta. Previous FPS games: Destiny

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