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PC/ United States 74

I'm a laid-back and focused support player, with the ability to flex to most tanks and a handful of other heroes. I'm looking for a mature competitive team to work on climbing the ranks with; my ideal...

About Me

I'm a 30 year old watchmaker from Seattle. I got into Overwatch looking for a strategic team challenge; as a result I'm looking for a team that is serious about practicing and improving together in order to move up the ranks in Competitive. I'm interested in playing with a mature, stable group able to give and take constructive criticism, and learn as much as possible from each win or loss.


I've been playing Overwatch since the beta weekends. My competitive background is WoW RBGs and arenas, where I was a primary shot-caller for most of my teams. As a result I'm most comfortable playing support and tank roles, as well as shot calling.

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Quick Stats

74 Level
2088 Rank
41% Competitive Win
57 hours Quick Playtime
5 hours Competitive Playtime


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