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All right, you wanna play some Overwatch? Here's the plan: We're gonna kill them, more than they kill us. Go get 'em!

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You don't know me, but you come to me for help. Let's be frank here, what you want is someone to make your problem go away. This problem you call "the other team." So, a Tracer keeps taking out your healer. Or you're having trouble with Zarya catching you in a graviton surge. Maybe you got a Hanzo giving you a headache. Okay. So you come to me, and you ask me to do a service. You ask me to "take care" of this "other team." If you come to me in friendship, today, the day of my daughter's wedding, I will kill this "other team." I will capture the objective. I will burn their base to the ground. After all, we're team players, despite what Reddit might think.


Got OW on the first day. Level 70 at the time of writing this. I always calculate the risks I take in a game. But man, am I bad at math.

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