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I an looking for people to play with competitively. When supporting, I play Lucio and Symmetra(when paired with another healer), but I play Junkrat and Reaper when we need to be more aggressive. The p...

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My name is AJ, I live in Atlanta. I play a lot of Lucio when I'm supporting offensively and Symmetra when defensively supporting (as long as there is a healer). But I can play Reaper, Soldier and Junkrat when the team needs to be more aggressive and Winston when we need a tank. I play a moderate amount of Zenyatta, and I'm willing to play him more after he's buffed.


I've owned the game since launch and played it since the open beta. As far as fps go, I've played a lot of online halo 3, reach and 4 because of my long history with xbox. Right now, I'm ranked 44. I started out at 48, but between solo and partner queued, I dropped. I'm looking for people that can joke around, but can still strategize and play a good game. I, along with the 2 players I consistently play with ALWAYS, use mics.

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