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I am looking for a pro level team, I have a lot of experience as a support player, over eight years and counting formerly with ESEA Tf2 Medic, and now main support in Overwatch, Teams looking to pick ...

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Hello, my name is Zach, I am from SoCal. But I am looking for a pro level team with a set schedule and set scrim times, I am always open for criticism and I will take it with an open mind, I am always open to improve my skillset as a support player. I am very communicative and I'm also a very positive player and will compliment others and share my opinion in an open manner.


Former ESEA Open medic for Tf2, I have been playing the support role for as long as I can remember, I also have been playing Overwatch since the first closed beta in October. I have not been in any serious teams, mostly ones that just play for fun and occasionally scrim other teams. I hope I will not disappoint :).

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