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Portland Oregon Overwatch fans! This is a team for people living in the Pacific NW. Interested in gaming with local teammates? Here's your team! (420 friendly, don't hate, it's Oregon yo)

About Me

Grown up gamer living in Portland, Oregon. Only get to play evenings and weekends Widowmaker and Zenyatta are my #1 / #2 but I'm willing to practice and learn any.


Bought it a few weeks after launch. I absolutely loved L4D for the teamwork and TF2 for the classes (until it went f2p.) OW is the first FPS i've been serious about since COD black ops. As far as what other shooters I've played, well I guess I've played most of them starting with Wolf3D and Doom back in the day before many of you were born on my trusty compy 386.

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