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Discord: Mirai#1314 Battle.Net: Levi#21717 Platinum, 2700 Carier high: 3176 Have scrim experience Looking for team to improve skill level . Ready for everyday scrims. Wish that with teammates w...

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Hi! I am Plat flex player. Can play Off healer and main healer well also can go dps and tank if needed. Looking for team to improve skill level and for try hard (play OP, maybe prepare for contenders). Will try to do my best every game. Have scrim experience. If needed can be target caller/shot caller. Wish you interested and if it is so DM me in discord Mirai#1314


Have scrim experience. Playing the game since August 2016. Have 1000+ lvl. Last season peak 2980 final 2730. Carrier peak 3176.

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