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Im just looking for good, fun, competitive people to play with. Look at my profile for more info. Feel free to add me and send me a message!! Save Me From My Boredom...

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I am a 26 yr old gamer who is competitive but also wants to have a good time. Ive had a hard time finding people with mics on the ps4, im used to the halo crowd on the xbox. Just looking to maks my overwatch experience better and more teamplay. I cant handle the randoms all picking dps and no tank or healer. PLEASE SAVE ME >.<


I have played countless FPS titles including; team fortress 2, every halo, multiple CODs, uncharted 4 multiplayer, tomb raider ect. I also play lots of FPS campaigns. I was also a high ranked competetive sniper in halo reach. I am all about teamwork. Feel free to add my username and send me a message. :D

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