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LordofCydonia 17 years old

PlayStation 4
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About Me

An average Korean except for the fact I speak better english than korean. I been living in the UAE for a while now, so I'm a better english speaker than korean. I have been gaming for 5 years on PC but moving on to PS4 as my PC cannot handle Overwatch.


I have almost 700 Hours on TF2 so I have experience on FPS. I play mostly Hanzo and Mercy ("mains" mercy). My highest elimination on a game is by Reaper, which is 40. Once I get used to consoles more, I think I can be a decent player.

PSN username PlayStation Network

Quick Stats

PlayStation 4
79 Level
2518 Rank
51% Competitive Win
53 hours Quick Playtime
9 hours Competitive Playtime


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