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Greetings ^^ My name is Louis (Mango, Mangoeis) and im from germany. I speak german, english and a bit korean. If you wanna play with me feel free to contact me (best way for that is Twitter or Discord) (Twiiter: @mangoeislp Discord: MangoeisLP#7777) Im a YouTuber / Streamer, so it could be that i will ask you that you have no problem if im streaming with you together.


Im a 3600 Master DPS / Offtank player. IMPORTANT: I play cometitive only solo or duo que. But i play a lot chill but serious Quikplay, in wich we have a lot of fun ^^ So dont be angry if you ask about ranked but im not gonna play it. It could be that i will play with you but as i said im mostly play solo que and for duo i got my people. >>IMPORTANT: My main server is EU (Europe) but im also play on NA (America) servers. So that is the reason for better contact me on discord / twitter so i know were to accept your request.

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