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High Bronze / Low Silver support main LF a team to climb ranks and play together in a stuctured manner. I have discord, a working microphone and am very good at listening to shot calls and commands. P...

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Hey, I'm Mayu | F | 28 | EU (GMT+2) LF a team or a friend to try to finally climb out of high bronze / low silver. I'm a support main mainly playing Ana, Mercy, Moira, and Baptiste and I find it extremely hard to climb ranks alone as a main healer, I want to learn to get better and focus on learning to play together as a team. I would rather listen to good commands and try and execute those the best I can, I am not so good in calling shots, but I am open to learning it since I consider it to be something I should learn as the main support player. I can play every weekday after 7 pm GMT+2 for a few hours and I'm open for more practices and get-togethers on weekends, mainly daytime from 11 am to 2 pm and evenings just like on weekdays. I am able to stream on twitch too if that's something the team would like to do together.


I have played OW since season 3 comp and have quite good knowledge of the game at least I believe so. Unfortunately, I have never been in a team before but would love to experience that for once, I am done with playing alone. If my short introduction sparked interest in you feel free to contact me on discord @Mayumi#2555

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