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I'm looking for chill people to play with, but if they happen to be on a team that's fine too. You can shoot me a message on here and I can get back to you on how else you can contact me, or you could...

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I'm Danna. I'm from California. I like Overwatch because I found FPS's somewhat intensive and just not my thing. I often play single player games, and when I'm not I'm usually playing with friends. Overwatch broke that pattern. As for other priorities, once I'm done with finals I'll have a good amount of free time. My brother and I share computers, but we usually have our own time to play. I also plan on building my own so that I can be one whenever I desire.


I've owned Overwatch since launch. Didn't play during beta. Haven't played on teams, just queued up with friends. I seldom play FPS's. I've played a bit of TF2 and CSGO (casual) but I can't say I'm that good by any means. However, I'd like to improve.

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  • Instantsmile

      1 year ago

    Always looking for new people to play with, I play casual and competitive (Current ranking S2 is 3200). As my name suggests I am in it for the smiles. I can play seriously but have fun & be the life of the party at the same time. Bnet: Instantsmile#1553