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I'm primarily looking for a team to play with for when ranked comes to Overwatch. I don't have many friends that play this game as often as I do and would love some people who are competitively minded...

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I am a 21 year old from Indiana and have been a long time gamer. I've had Overwatch for a bit now and have been loving the game. I unfortunately do not have many friends who play the game, and those who do don't have the competitive mindset that I have adopted for this game. I only work late at night, so I have pretty much the entire day to play and practice. Overall, I am a pretty laid-back person who doesn't bother with petty drama and even though I have a competitive spirit, I play this game to have fun. Outside of gaming I enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity, movies and TV, and have a strong interest in art.


I've had this game for a few weeks now, and am currently over level 80. I am looking to get into a more competitive scene, and I would prefer to have a team to start practicing with before competitive mode comes out. I mainly play support and tank roles, but can play some offensive and defensive characters as well. More specially, I focus on playing Mercy, Lucio, Symmetra on support, with Reinhardt and Winston as tanks. For Offense I mainly focus on Pharah and McCree, though have room for improvement.

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