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RANK: 3,100+ Schedule: [NA] 5pm - Midnight EST (Mon-Fri) Off Tank: Roadhog(Main) // Zarya(Comfortable) // Winston(Comfortable). // D.VA (Learning) DPS: McCree(Main) // Soldier(Comfortable) // Pharah(Learning) // Junk Rat(Main) // Reaper(Comfortable). I am looking for a serious team, plain and simple. I am looking to go pretty far in this game but I don't want to hate myself on the way there. Meaning I want to take it serious but also have fun and enjoy the game. I learn from my losses, conquer my flaws only to discover new ones, and extremely dedicated when it comes to reaching a goal. Please let the team be 18+ in age. BattleNet: Mortified#1904


I have far background of competitive experience in CS:Source, League of Legends, and CoD. I've done a bunch of online tournaments and a small handful of LAN tournaments. Also please don't add me for gaming communities, thanks.

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128 Level
3102 Rank
60% Competitive Win
43 hours Quick Playtime
18 hours Competitive Playtime


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