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Looking for fun people to play with, both quick and competitive. I don't aspire to be the best ever, just want to have some fun, get better with people and enjoy my time playing. That said, every m...

About Me

I hail from Montana. Looking to have some fun, and I want that fun to take the shape of a group of people playing together and getting better together. I don't expect to be BestTeamNA, I just wanna put the FUN in FUNctional. Also, i'm a pretty chill dude and particularly want teammates who are willing to laugh and just enjoy each other's company.


Got the game at launch, been playing about an hour a day since. I'm not the greatest player but I know how strategy works and I can keep up with better players no problem.

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106 Level
1757 Rank
40% Competitive Win
56 hours Quick Playtime
9 hours Competitive Playtime


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