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I'm looking for a competent team that is willing to listen and learn from itself and it's experiences, and will also help me grow as a player. I mainly use discord, but I can also use steam for commun...

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I'm a silly little boy who pretends to be good at Overwatch. While I don't have the very best skills to be your Hanzo or Widow, I'm great at working with people, facilitating communication, and generally being the glue to your team jelly. I said that right, right? I'm a very analytical person who usually goes support classes, and I speak softly unless you don't throw your body onto the point in overtime.


I've never been in a full on competitive team, although I do get together with my discord friends when I feel like it, and we do well. I've had experience in tf2, but more experience in other classically strategic games such as Fire Emblem, which helps me with working with matchups and the importance of map awareness

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