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Looking for some filler to complete my 6 stack for comp , got a solid 4 stack msg me for add

About Me

Im 21 yr old Canadian who has been playing fps since I was a lil kid, started playing CS 1.6 when I was 8. I love playing on well organized teams who value communication and results. Looking for high skill teams 2 take me on as a offtank (Zarya Main) but can flex well to dps and can fill if needed. I have alot of time to spare for this game as long as Im being put good use on a solid team.


Long time fps player who has babbled with mobas. Played alot of tf2 as a kid and have always mained fps as a gaming genre. On a well organized team I know I could perform on extremely high tier games. I am willing and eager to go thru tryouts!

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