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Hi there! Looking for like minded people (friends, teams) who want to play ranked on a mid-high level and prefer frequent ingame communcation over voicechat silence. If you want to play together wi...

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Name's Eric, 30 years old from europe, looking for like minded people who want to dedicate their time to the game together and get better in the process. I speak English and German fluently, and like to communicate a lot while playing. If you look for a gamer who wants to play ranked competitive on a mid-high level, gimme a message =)


Started to play FPS games back in the days when Quake 3 and UT2000 where the state of the art, spent 10 years in the world of World of Warcraft raiding scene and a few years in League. Bought OW the day it came out and made it my new primary ever since. Profile:

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