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Contact me ingame if you'd like to group up. You can email me, but I get a lot of email so it's tiresome to check.

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I'm looking for a team so I can place well and we can act better as a group. Solo, I just find groups not working together and I can play flawlessly, but if the team is lousy, we'll lose. I live in the United States. I can read some Korean so perhaps that could catch an opposing team off guard if they say something in chat (Not a lot mind you). I got 52k kills in warcraft battlegrounds but grew bored of the game. I think I can do well with a good group of good people. I have a mic, use it on comp when needed. I listen to music when just solo queuing.


I've been in the game since about a month after release. I've not played too many FPS games but I've been in the PvP scene in warcraft and starcraft for awhile now. I'm a team player and when asked what my favorite character is, you need to specify "for fun" or "for synergy." I've spent quite a bit of time with various heroes and playing the random brawl to get experience on heroes. I'm quite good at some, good at others, and not so great at a few.

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