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Just looking for people to play some fun/slightly competitive quick play and Ranked when it comes out. If you are down to play contact me on NicholasIVT#1749!

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Hi, I'm Nicholas from MA. I was in one closed beta weekend and played for most of the open beta week. Looking for some people to play with in some fun/slightly competitive quick play and some Ranked when it is released. I play basically all the classes but I mostly play Tracer, Pharah, Soldier: 76, Junkrat, Mei, Lucio, and Mercy


I've played Overwatch since it released and also played during parts of the closed/open betas. As of typing I have roughly 60-80hrs of playtime of OW across release/beta. On console I played a fair amount of Call of Duty MW2 & Black Ops. On PC I have played roughly 200+ hrs of CS:GO.

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