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I'm pretty flexible with who I can play, being good with at least half of each class. That said, I'd say I'm best with Lucio, Hanzo, Mei, and Reaper. I am a full time student at the moment so I can...

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I'm from Adelaide, Australia. Hoping to find people who are fine switching up from comp to casual and back again. I don't want to go pro or anything so I'm fine being relaxed and playing more for a good time than anything else. That said, I can manage competitive play, I just get burnt out if it's consistent every day comp with no relaxed breaks every now and again. Nobody has long ass About Me's so I'll leave this here.


Been playing for a few weeks after launch, so I'm by no means new to Overwatch but I'm not a veteran either. That said, my experience with other FPS' is quite large.

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