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Jordan, 19, East Coast. Looking for some chill people to play competitive with. I'm currently 2450 (can't guarantee this is exact when you see this post tho). I main tank and support but can easily fl...

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My name is Jordan but I've gone by Po (Pohh for the 2 silent H's to meet length requirements) for years. I'm 19. I currently live in Washington, 30 minutes from Seattle, but I'll be moving to New Hampshire to continue school (pursuing a degree in Nursing and then possibly Pediatric Endocrinology or private Stem Cell Research). I'm possibly one of the most sarcastic and relaxed guys you'll meet outside of gaming, but I do get pissed once in a while when playing (muck Fei...). Really competitive, looking for a team to play with when Competitive/Ranked comes out here soon.


Pre-ordered but did not play beta. I spent years pub stomping (literally STOMPING) the Call of Duty community on my PS3/360 before quitting CoD and moving to Battlefield 4 on PC. I've spent the last year playing BF4 and League of Unbalanced garbage (legends). I don't plan to continue Battlefield until BF1 comes out (holy hell that game looks sick) so OW is where I'll be dropping tons of time and effort when I'm not working on my college classwork.

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