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PlayStation 4 United States

3 of my RL friends and I are looking for competant players with experience in shooters on console. We are looking for players who are comfortable playing with ALL characters. We aren't going to have a...
PlayStation 4 United States

We play in US on ps4. I have a team with 3 RL friends, 2 of which have experienced pro gaming with shooters and we are looking for a pool of people to experiment with to take our last 2 spots. Looking...

About Me

Im 28 from Texas. I play with 4 real life friends who I've known my whole life and we are looking for a couple of people to join our competitive team.


I've had the game since release and have played shooters ever since the day of Doom and Goldeneye. 2 of my teammates were professional gamers and we have immense amounts of good communication and look forward to figuring out any problems.

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