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Hello all. I am looking for a competitive with competitive goals in mind. I'm looking to get into to eSport scene. I have been on teams in the past but all have disbanded due to scheduling conflicts ...

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My name is john, I am 19 years old. Looking to get into the Esport scene and make it into pro gaming. Willing to give as much time as I can to practices and scrimmages. Very good mic with practically every VOIP program used. Sports have always been a big part of my life so team play and working together with other teammates are second nature to me.


Played in the open beta, andn played since day one. Was on a young team that has sense dibanneded due to scheduling conflicts.We played in an MLG tournament and ended up losing right before Quarter-Finals. Have also played on many amateur CS:GO teams with close to 700 hours logged. Lots of other FPS games under my belt, such as BF4.

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