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We are currently looking for a dedicated tank to finish off our roster, if your interested feel free to message me.

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Just someone tired of Q-Ing up into losing games, I'm 15 and looking for people to climb the ranks and have fun with in this amazing game. Team comp is very important in this game so when I get dropped into a game with 3 hanzos I am almost certain its a loss. Im just looking for players at my skill level so we can help each other win games and climb ranks


I was got into the early waves of beta and have had a lot of experience, I have hours of experience in tf2 and was on a team for that. Loving the game and looking for people to enjoy it with. In the beta I mained zarya but recently ive been playing a lot of soldier 76 and enjoying it, I average about 26-38 kills per game and am a team player.

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