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Hello everyone, I am looking for a team that is into the Overwatch competitive matchmaking and possibly go into serious tournaments, if the team wants to. I'm looking for a nice and co-operative te...

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Well my name is Rae, I live in Nz and play on Oceanic servers. I love Overwatch because of the amount of heroes to choose from. And its just a really fun new game. I'm into fps shooters for PC and like to play in full groups or lobbys (Teams). You can add me on Battle.net at Rae#11582. Thanks have a good one ;)


Well, I have owned Overwatch for about 2 and a half months now and my experience is growing. I know a lot of the hero roles and play styles. I can play almost every hero in the game except for Mercy and maybe Torb. My two mains are, Pharah and Hanzo ( I can actually play any hero that is needed. My preferred tank would be Zarya, My preferred support hero would be Lucio, and i have a wide range of Knowledge in Reaper, Tracer, Soldier 76, Mcree, Junkrat, Reinhardt and Genji.

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