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I'm Remy Blas, but you can just call me Remy. I'm a 27 years old gamer from Argentina. So yeah, I speak Spanish and although it would be nice to find a team and other players who also speak Spanish, I'm pretty good with English too, and currently it's pretty hard to find a team in my region, so I'm not too selective.


I've been playing Overwatch since the early open beta in May, pretty much everyday. I'm a flexible player, trying to balance my use of each hero, but I'm better with offensive (Tracer, Pharah, Reaper) and support heroes (Lucio, Mercy). I'm also practicing and becoming better with the snipers (Hanzo, Widowmaker). I have little experience with Competitive player because matchmaking keeps putting me with the most angry and toxic people I've ever encounter since I tried to play League of Legends. I'm not planning on becoming a pro anytime soon (although that would be so cool) and like to have fun with the game, but I always do my best to WIN.

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271 Level
2411 Rank
54% Competitive Win
235 hours Quick Playtime
8 hours Competitive Playtime


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