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Xbox One United States 79

Looking for a team before launch of competitive. Ranked Junkrat, and strong in Reinhardt/Lucio, plus ability as most of cast. I play often, and always have a mic. Fun, zany, and successful at blowi...

About Me

Just a man, facial hair included.


Been Playing since the Xbone Beta, and been addicted since. In the following order, I main Junkrat, Reinhardt, Lucio, and play with most of the cast.

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Quick Stats

Xbox One
79 Level
42 Rank
49% Quick Win
41% Competitive Win
64 hours Quick Playtime
7 hours Competitive Playtime

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  • SamgazM

      8 months ago

    Looking to play with a team before competitive launch, and want to compete. Live in Los Angeles area.