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Hello I'm Scott, I'm 25 years old and I'm looking for a competitive team or group of players to play overwatch with. I live on the west coast and I'm looking for the kind of team that is going to pra...

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Hello my name is Scott, I am from Arizona and I am looking for a competitive team for overwatch. I have been playing as much as I can since I first got my hands on the beta and I mostly play support. I am looking for a team that can work together, develop map specific strategies and team compositions with a strong desire to win. I have 40+ hours on Lucio so far but can play other heroes if needed. Willing to take constructive criticism and put in the time to get better.


I used to play BF2, 2142 and ET:QW competitively for a team called Hells Katz Squad. In quake wars we were one of the top 3 teams for the first couple seasons of competitive play. I've been a PC gamer since CS 1.5 and have played almost every popular shooter on PC.

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