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I'm a support player that also plays tanks, although this doesn't mean I don't know how to play other heroes! Looking for like minded memers to play ranked with when it comes out.

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My name is SlimesRGreen, but my friends call me Slimes. I got into Overwatch when Blizzard had first announced it. This is because at the time I was still new to Blizzard as a whole, whoever I was playing a lot of Hearthstone at the time, as well and TF2, and the idea of a similar game being made by Blizzard excited me. I am looking for like minded players that enjoy pushing carts and capturing objectives, although I am also interested in joining a competitive team.


I have owned the game since it has released and have been playing it everyday since. I also participated extensively in the preorder closed beta, as well as the open beta. I have played in a competitive team before in League of Legends, although we weren't successful I still got a lot of experience from playing on a competitive team as I was the shot caller / in game leader. In my past I have played some shooters in the past, most noticeably Counter-Strike and TF2, in which I logged 1300 hours into TF2.

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