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I'd like to find a team I can scrim and play competitively with. My most played classes are Mercy then Zarya and Pharah. I'd preferably like to play Mercy but I can play Tank/Offence pretty well and I...

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I'm 19, from England and I can play every day apart from Tuesdays.


I have played since the closed beta weekends and have played at pretty much every opportunity since then. Other games I have 3500 hours in TF2 and about 300 in CSGO and DIrtyBomb. TF2 is the only one I played really competitively in and played for several teams in different formats. Although I did play in FaceIt on CSGO it wasn't very serious. I mainly just want to do what I did in TF2. Unorganised pubs get boring very quickly, I lived for scrims and comp games in TF2 and after playing with a guy who plays competitive Overwatch I'd really like to give it a go.

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