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It's been a goal of mine for sometime to create a new gaming organization. Now that Overwatch has launched it seems like the perfect time. I am looking to create a competitive team first and foremost,...

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I stream quite a bit at Twitch.Tv/xiStormy. Always looking for people to party up with for normal games, but I am especially looking for a team for competitive mode when its released. I have a pretty freelance job at the moment so it gives me a ton of time to practice Overwatch and build a streaming audience.


Ive been playing OW since the first stress test weekend, and I currently play at least 6-8 hours a day. Ive had prior comp. experience in many games, some highlights include: WoW (S2/S3 PvP Leader, Several PvE Accomplishments throughout WoW's timespan), TF2 (Light Comp. Experience, 1200 hours played), Halo (Several Rank Champion Rank 1 Accomplishments in Halo 5, many scattered accomplishments throughout older halos).

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