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Looking for serious group for ranked ladder climb. Comms are good. 3.0+ K/D on all relevant DPS. Top heroes are Pharah/Mercy/Soldier but can flex anything except Widow.

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Looking for serious competitive ranked ladder climbling. As I 'm west coast and have a day job, tournament availability would be limited but possible. Very vocal, zero rage. I would prefer a team interested in dry runs, naming structure for every map, and locked roles before entering a game. Not interested in the usual panic.


I played CS 1.6 comp a bit and Tf2 6v6 (and some highlander) for years after that. I played pocket soldier/medic for various teams in CEVO/CAL/TWL/e.t.c. On overwatch I can flex pretty much anything but Widowmaker. I have 3.0+ K/D on every relevant DPS except McCree which is 2.9 (workin on that). I keep up with most OW tournament events and meta shifts.

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