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The76thTrombone 23 years old

PlayStation 4
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Name's Greg, 22 years old I'm from the US, but I'm living in Guam. I'm just looking for players to play with on PS4 on a semi-regular basis. Casual or Competitive, it doesn't really matter. I'm just tired of queuing solo all the time. I expect people I play with to be mature and respectful for the most part. So please don't be overly rude or obnoxious.


I've had the game for just a couple weeks, but I've been playing it pretty consistently, and have gotten pretty decent. I'm particularly good with Reinhardt, but I can play most of the tanks and supports decently. I haven't played on any teams in this game, though I've played competitive TF2 in my time. So I understand the basics of cooperation and comms.

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Quick Stats

PlayStation 4
177 Level
2766 Rank
51% Competitive Win
112 hours Quick Playtime
26 hours Competitive Playtime


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