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I'm mainly looking for a team to play competitive and ranked with but I would like to play casually as well! If you would like to contact me you can message me on battle net, I am usually on. If I'm n...

About Me

Hey, my name is Jude. I like to play casually with friends and I am willing to take any role in Overwatch if my team needs it. I want to be able to set up a team for competitive so we can all get in the top ranks for it! I would more then gladly play regular quick play as well!


I have owned the game since launch. I have played in 6 man teams before and realize that team coordination is the key to success. I have played many fp shooters before such as tf2 and cs:go and have many hours clocked in to them , mainly tf2 at 1000+.

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Quick Stats

251 Level
2543 Rank
44% Competitive Win
203 hours Quick Playtime
4 hours Competitive Playtime


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