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Right now I am just looking for a team to get experience with. So scrims, competitive, etc. After I get a bit experience, I want to expend into playing tournaments and stuff like that. I am decently a...

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I am a PC gamer from California. I main Mercy and Lucio, but I can learn others like Symmetra. I love Overwatch because it is something different from other games I have played. I see potential in Overwatch as a competitive Esport. I am just looking for experience playing on a team right now, scrims, ranked, maybe some tournaments (after a bit more experience playing on a team). In terms of priorities; family, friends, and IRL things come first, but my team would come second.


I have played this game since it came out, and I played the open beta. I come from CS:GO and a few other games, but most are not competitive. Games like Planetside 2, Battlefield... clash royal (XD), and some strategy games.

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