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The name's Vonhunter21. I'm looking to participate in a team activity or become a member of a dedicated team. I can be reached on Twitter and PS4. "C'mon, let's bring it together." - Lucio Twi...

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The name's Vonhunter21. Okay, so it's not really, but if you need a support player who's willing to learn more characters to support the team's needs, Vonhunter21 is the dood for you! I look forward to working with you!


I've been playing this game since the open beta on the PS4 and have loved (almost) every minute of it. I play with a mix of support characters (Lucio, Zenyatta) and defensive characters (Mei, Junkrat, D. Va). I've wanted to be on a team to learn more, push my limits and see what I can bring to the team's table. I do have a mic and I play on the PS4.

PSN username PlayStation Network


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