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PC/Battle.net United States 480

Looking for other players to play competitive overwatch with and try to win no matter the circumstances and be able to fill positions/be flexible with who you play and not be glued to a hero. Contact ...

About Me

I am a 14 year old overwatch player looking for other players to play with between rank 45 and 50, looking to have try and win and I try to have fun while my main goal is winning :)


I have played overwatch since the open beta in May and I have played COD 4 through COD AW as well as a few of the halo games, Tf2 and CSGO.

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Quick Stats

480 Level
3383 Rank
50% Competitive Win
205 hours Quick Playtime
64 hours Competitive Playtime

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  • WalkerFPS1

      8 months ago

    Add me on B.Net and I will respond asap Ty :D