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From the midwest in America. 27 years old, avid gamer on a nightly basis. I bartend so I tend to play very late hours for my time zone. Lots of drunken playing, down for funny stuff or serious stuff I don't care. Prefer more mature people. I can get serious if needed, or fuck around, I'm pretty flexible in playstyle depending on who I'm with. Can aim very well, unless I pass the threshold of drunkenness that makes me retarded, which will likely happen later in the night.


Played since beta, played FPS games since Goldeneye, Quake 1-3, UT 1-2004, CS 1.1-1.6, CS:S all of it, and then CSGO (around LEM level, fluctuated a bit from SMFC down to LE). Lots of DotA since WC3 days up til current DotA 2. Too much WoW to remember. Always healed tho so I have no issue healing, although I have pretty decent aim and would prefer to not be a designated healer. Will fill that role when needed.

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