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Hey my name is Russell. I'm from Arizona, US. I'm looking for people that are willing to play in ranked competitively. I work from 9AM to 6PM Monday - Friday an On call Saturday, My times to play: Weekdays Monday - Thursday 7pm - 2am, Friday: 7pm - ?, Saturday: Open, Sunday: Open. Please note my timezone is *UTC-7:00 MNT or UTC-6:00 MNT* I enjoy playing OverWatch cause its something that pulls at my potential and really puts a drive into me when I log in. I look forward to it.


I have been playing OverWatch since Beta regularly, and on have continued on release. I main a Support type role as an aggressive Lúcio and Mercy player. My other roles and Hero's would include but not limited to, in order. DPS: Solider 76, Reaper, Gengi, Tank: RoadHog, Reinhardt. Defensive: Torbjörn, WidowMaker. I have not played on any type of team before, besides for a 2v2 an 3v3 team on WoW, as skirmisher. This is my first FPS I have put my time and effort into. My experience in gaming would be 9yrs in WoW, 3yrs in LoL as a combined experience. Message me if interested.

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Quick Stats

222 Level
167 hours Quick Playtime
20 hours Competitive Playtime


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