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PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Currently looking for some decent players with a good sense of humour and good English skills for an EU-based team. I mainly play Support/Tank and have 2 or 3 friends who play a variety of roles. ...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

We're a team of friends who have played many games together. We have our own Mumble server and plenty of experience playing FPSs. We're looking for 3 or so more players. We played at around Legendary ...

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I'm Xio. I've been playing games for years. I play with a group of friends who don't take things too seriously but like to win. I've also made a few gaming videos on YouTube before. I might make some Overwatch videos at some point.


I've been playing the game since beta. I watch a lot of competitive games and I'd like to put together a team who can compete in tournaments. Not super serious, but just so that myself and some of my friends have the opportunity to try out Overwatch at a higher level than.. Quick play...

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