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Looking to find a fun, reliable group of people to just have a good time with. If you want to contact me via PSN, set up a party, have nice little chat (maybe?) and work it out from there. Hones...

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Howdy, this is Zataku or Zach, from the east coast! Huge fan of the game (don't tell anyone I bought loot boxes if you can, gg thanks) and would like to have more people to play with. I'm all about playing with semi-serious players who want to win but are totally okay with losing, so I guess normal people?


Was part of the Open Beta before the release. Haven't really played with a consistent team as of yet but hoping to fix that. The only other multi-player game I play consistently is Destiny (which is currently in lull right now till September), so I don't have any prior mp experience.

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