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PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Most comfortable with Offence or Support, able to play any role, any hero. Looking for a team or a decent group of players who are familiar with playing in a team and understand the game in depth. ...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Currently looking for people to begin creation of this team. Requirements: Understanding of the game as a whole to a good level, ability to adapt to any role at any time. Good teamwork and communic...

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All rounder from the UK, better at Offence and Support. Bit of a Genji Fangirl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Previously 3K+ Hours in CoD high level, 1.6K Hours in CS:GO - Global 4K Hours in DotA2 Overwatch being the natural link between FPS and MOBA, I have a pretty good early grasp and looking to expand to some decent team.


As of early June 2016: 100 Hrs including Beta time. Master Overwatch link: http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/AATYKON-2140 Cheers Love!

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