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I'm a college student from NYC that enjoys powerlifting, watching anime, going to concerts, and playing Overwatch.


After watching the announcement trailer for the game back in 2014, I was excited and knew this was going to be a game I would play for hours on end. I have some experience playing first person shooters competitively on console for Halo: Reach, Halo 4, CoD Black Ops, Black Ops 2, MW2, and MW3. I want Overwatch to be the first game I play competitively on PC. In a team, all I want is good chemistry, a welcoming atmosphere and to have fun while we learn how each of us plays. For the first month of the game I mained Reinhardt, Mercy, and Lucio but after getting my deathadder I've been able to spend several hours practicing Pharah and many other heroes I couldn't be effective with before with my old mouse. I'm getting better, and I'd like to play scrims or ranked as offensive heroes to realize which heroes I have the most potential with.

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