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PC/ Norway 155

I'm 29 and looking for a team that mostly plays in competitive mode. Love playing in a coordinated team. I mainly play offensive heroes like Soldier 76, Genji and McCree but I'm fairly good with Junkr...

About Me

I'm from Norway and I love playing Overwatch, both competitive and quick play. I really want to improve my skills in the game. I usually play one of the offensive heroes and hopefully I can find a team that want's me on the team.


I have played 78 hours since launch (not including 40+ hours in Beta). I've been playing games all my life, both on PC and console. I've played lots of FPS games and have fairly quick reactions. Love playing games with a full coordinated team.

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Quick Stats

155 Level
2672 Rank
55% Competitive Win
114 hours Quick Playtime
14 hours Competitive Playtime


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