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Hey, my name is Jack. I'm a living on the east coast, and I'm looking to seriously get into the competitive scene of Overwatch. I am very comfortable in most of the roles, I am best with junk rat, Winston, Soldier 76, Parah, and Widowmaker. I'm currently working on getting my Soldier and Tracer gameplay to be on par with my Mccree. My schedule allows me to play practically anytime. I'm looking for a team that works well together and practices together quite a bit.


While I was in the hospital during the launch of Overwatch and the following weeks and therefore am not a high level at the moment ( I just now recoverd and playing allot ) I played allot beta. My level does not reflect my skill. I come from Competitive TF2, where I lead two teams (Highlander and 6's) for 4 years, a total of 8 seasons. I also played some CS:GO, and while I did not have a team, I did pug frequently and play allot of ranked

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