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25 year old male. Looking for some cool people to PC game with. Overwatch or other FPS/Action/Shooter/Survial games. I'm active on PC daily. Steam ID: juggernaut09


I bought this game on launch. Level 33 right now but only because I've been spending time on a few other games until Competitive play starts. I have a low tolerance for people that main one hero instead of adapting. I'm already way too sick of getting paired with people choosing favorites instead of filling holes. I'm willing and able to play support, but want a fair balance. I'm best with Junk Rat but am very comfortable with at least one hero from every class. (Pharah/76/Torbjoern/Reinhart/Roadhog/Zarya/Lucio/Mercy/Symmetra). I have one friend who plays with me almost daily who is set up to stream and has the same schedule as me. Both of us are adaptive players focused on objectives instead of K/D spreads. Obviously I play through, but I launch my game through Steam. Add me on Steam too if you want to play Overwatch or are looking to team up on other games........... Steam ID: juggernaut09

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