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I'm looking for a team who will play together in Ranked mode once it releases (quick play for now). Must use mics and voice comms, switch heroes if needed, and make sure all roles are filled. You can ...

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I'm from the East Coast. I'm trying to get together a good team to play with and do well with once Competitive comes out. Besides work and my band (and college once September comes around) I don't have much play restrictions and can get on for at least a couple hours each night. I play DPS/Off-Tank/Support (mainly Soldier, Zarya, Mercy, Zenyatta, Winston, Mccree) so if you're looking for someone who fits any of those roles I'm your guy!


This is the first PC FPS I'm getting serious with. I played Semi-Serious in Call of Duty Black Ops and MW3 but stepped back from serious play after those games. With Overwatch, I'm hoping to hop right back in! I started in the Open Beta.

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