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I'm looking for a over all good team to play with and some great teams looking for that dank spunk. I play a dirty Zarya and a sucio Roadhog with occasional Mei and Soldier 76 performances. Catch me e...

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My name is Richard and I've been wanting to get into the Overwatch competitive scene ever since it came out. I'm not having much fun in any other game. I'm truly dedicated to getting good at Overwatch and I would like to join a team or group that can offer me experience in the game. Not Casual level 90 players, someone I can genuinely learn from.


i owned the game since release and have been playing ever since. I haven't put much time into leveling because I play a lot of League of Legends. I am currently Diamond 5 in league. I have plenty of experience in the competitive scene ranging from early game battles in mw2 to Winning tourneys in Super Smash Brothers Melee. Im fairly new to Overwatch but I pick up games fairly quickly, im very excited for another challenge. Casuals are too easy.

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