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comicbooky 16 years old

PlayStation 4

About Me

15 year old located in the US (CT); all my friends have this game for PC but my laptop could never handle a game like Overwatch, so I'm looking for some friends on the PS4 to play with. I prefer casual play, but I can do competitive if it's asked of me. I've got a headset, but I've also got a little brother that I occasionally have to babysit, so I like to stay off-mic for convenience.


Overwatch is the first multiplayer FPS I've ever bothered to play, but definitely not my first FPS. I'm always looking to improve, and I hate players who ignore the objective just as much as everybody else, so you don't have to worry about that with me.

PSN username PlayStation Network

Quick Stats

PlayStation 4
157 Level
25% Competitive Win
143 hours Quick Playtime
54 hours Competitive Playtime


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